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Products | Honeybee Artificial Insemination Instrument
The first honeybee artificial insemination instrument developed in the country by Chung Jin Biotech Co., Ltd. is
a device that gives electro-stimulation to living bees so that bee venom can be collected from them. This product has obtained certifications for patent, utility model, new technology, etc., so its excellence has been proven, and its world-class quality is assured.

As the bee venom collector does not affect the ecology of bees as well as basic bee-farming (collection of bees, pollen, etc.), it is quickly becoming an alternative for creating additional revenue for bee farming. Your business will be different once you meet the bee venom collector of Chung Jin Biotech Co., Ltd.!

Above all, the bee venom collector of Chung Jin Biotech Co., Ltd. results in a much lower death frequency in bees compared to other products. It basically has 12 V of input and output, and a fuse is installed to improve its safe use. In addition, a lamp is installed as a visual indicator so that people who are not experienced with machines can easily use it.

The bee venom collected by this equipment is mostly used for medical purposes. Bee venom treatment that directly uses bees is uncomfortable and difficult to administer as the dose cannot be regulated. However, only the natural venom possessed by bees can be extracted through the bee venom collector, so it is welcomed by the medical field.

At this moment, the bee farming industry is suffering because the markets for honey and other products are saturated, and the amount of extracted honey has decreased. However, the bee venom collector of Chung Jin Biotech Co., Ltd. is becoming a primary product in the industry that leads customers to a new market.